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I have completed a degree course in homeopathy with the Centre for Homeopathic Education. I moved to Tenbury Wells in December, and have a practice room at Temeside House.

This blog will map my journey as a homeopath and provide information for people who want to improve their health and well-being.

I charge £40 for the first consultation for chronic problems, which will usually last an hour.

I first came to homeopathy in 1977 after being diagnosed with colic. I found that New Era Tissue salts helped with the symptoms I had. A change of diet stopped the condition developing further.

I have used homeopathy since 1977 for a range of health problems, including breast-feeding and childbirth. I have 4 children and have used remedies for all their health problems. We had a variety of animals, and I used remedies on a cow, horses, and dogs.

I have also used Bach Flower Remedies and I found them  effective for mental and emotional disturbances, with Rescue Remedy being most often used for trauma.

I have participated in providing treatment at the low-cost clinic at Neal’s Yard, Covent Garden, with the Centre for Homeopathic Education. This has provided valuable experience in providing services for patients.

The picture shows the Pasque flower, which belongs to the Pulsatilla genus. Pulsatilla has been used as a homeopathic remedy since 1805.

I recently worked for the Travelling Homeopaths at Glastonbury, treating people with acute problems to get them through the festival. It was a wonderful experience to be among so many good-natured people in less than ideal conditions. The mud was something else.

This week I visited Weleda head office and gardens. It was fascinating to see plants such as Monkshood, Hemlock and Poison Ivy, as well as a lot of Marigolds. Remedies are produced using water treated with reverse osmosis, and tinctures are made with alcohol made from organic wheat.  It is impressive the trouble they take to produce products of the highest quality.





Hahnemann developed Homeopathy and wrote about his principles The Organon of the Medical Art.


He wanted to find a way to cure the sick, quickly, gently and permanently in a predictable way, with the least possible disadvantages, according to definite principles. He was a physician who was practicing at a time when blood-letting was common. Mercury and arsenic were common remedies.

He wanted to avoid harmful side-effects of remedies, and so diluted them until they were safe, while still acting to stimulate the body’s immune system. Sulphur was a favourite remedy.




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Dementia and homeopathy

The diagnosis of dementia can cover a multitude of sins, from mild symptoms of confusion in hospital, to psychotic problems and violent behaviour. Onset may include grief, with the loss of a partner, and loss of identity. Drugs and anaesthetics can lead to problems of disorientation, and long stays in hospital can add to those feelings. Stays in care home can lead to people being treated inappropriately. People can lose their sense of identity and become institutionalised.

Trauma and depression can be a sign of the beginning of dementia, and it is associated with other health problems such as Parkinson’s Disease.

The mechanistic view of dementia is that the brain is damaged and different areas of damage correspond to different behaviours.

There can be a loss of confidence especially when attitudes of friends and family change. There may be impatience with the change of personality and the desire to control the person with dementia, to make them behave more normally.

Toxins may play a part in the cause of brain damage, along with hormonal changes and changes in gut bacteria.

The behaviour of a person with dementia may be like a wounded animal. They may be experiencing pain, without being able to register what the feeling is, and this may cause them to withdraw from everyday life. They may be mentally stuck in a particular time in the past, like a computer trying to reboot to a time when they functioned well.

Homeopathy can be used to treat the symptoms experienced at the onset of dementia. It can be used to address physical problems such as trauma, gut problems and the symptoms of toxins, as well as symptoms of grief.





Homeopathic remedies have been show to provide weak signals to the body to adapt to a threat. They are around DNA size nanoparticles which emit electromagnetic signals. Materials from the glass in which the remedies are prepared have been shown to form layers around the nanoparticles. Succussed remedies are more stable and contain smaller and more uniform particles. Silica from the glass vials act as stabilisers of the remedy and it activates the immune system. Silica is considered to be benign to human cells. Remedies that are less than 1 nanometre in size can get into cells easily.

Remedies can cause a cascade of amplified signals within the body. Macrophages are modified in function by homeopathic remedies. Remedies modulate cell danger response, acting on phagocytes and cytokines. Where there is a noise in the body from disease, the noise is amplified by homeopathic remedies. A low potency can reverse what a high potency can do.

Homeopathic remedies Arsenicum and Cadmium have been shown to have similar patterns to heat shock, a cell danger response. They enable cells to survive damage better. Homeopathic remedy Calc carb has been shown to modulate signalling pathway in cells. Remedies can produce non-linear changes in the body and modulate gene expression. Studies have been done on Apis, Gelsemium, Arnica and Arsenicum album.

Remedies have been shown to disrupt the cells normal patterns, cause a transitional phase and restabilise with a new, healthier pattern.



People maintain health by homeostasis, through dynamic processes. Millions of cells die and are replaced in a second throughout the body. For every human cells there are 10 microbes, which radiate energy of certain frequency. Pathological and healthy frequencies are present in everyone, and illness happens when a healthy balance cannot be maintained.

Homeopathic remedies that have water also contain photons, bosons and phonons, as well as having mass they have a large amount of information. They behave like sine-wave frequency signals and act differently in different people at different times. It may be that when the remedy is taken, it resonates with toxins or microbes in the body and acts like a catalyst to return the system to its health balance.

First Aid with Homeopathy

Accidents happen and while homeopathy may not be a substitute for hospital treatment, it may help make symptoms more bearable while waiting for an ambulance or waiting in A&E. Remedies can be dissolved in the mouth or taken in water.

Homeopathic remedy Arnica is the main remedy for trauma, cuts, shock, bruises, black eyes. usually the person who needs this remedy say they feel fine and they want to be left alone. They have a fear of being touched and may seem like a wounded animal.

Homeopathic remedy Arnica can help with injuries and complaints that are the result of injury, such as impaired hearing, or joint and muscle pain. For injury in deeper tissues, where the pain is out of all proportion to the appearance of the injury, homeopathic remedy Bellis perennis may be more suitable.

Homeopathic remedy Ledum is useful for puncture wounds and will bring fish bones and splinters out of the skin. It will help to prevent tetanus developing in wounds. It can be useful for the ill-effects of vaccination. Homeopathic remedy Ledum helps with black eyes.

Homeopathic remedy Hypericum follows Ledum well, where pain from a puncture wound travels up the limb. Where there is injury to fingers and toes, which are rich in nerves, and pain in the coccyx. It is useful for more serious wounds such as animal bites, and cat scratches. It can help symptoms where bone may be splintered, such as head injuries.

Symphytum has traditionally been used for broken bones, and in homeopathic form it can be used as a catalyst to promote healing of the bones, once they have been set. It is a useful remedy for black eyes.

Homeopathic remedy Rhus tox can help symptoms of strained muscles and tendons, and sprained ankles. Symptoms are better for movement and the person who would benefit from the remedy may be restless. Homeopathic remedy Ruta grav also helps problems with ligments, tendons and joints where movement makes the pain worse. It can be used for kicks on the shin and chilblains.

Bach Flower Rescue Remedy is useful for shock, trauma, fear. It may be difficult to relax and there may be feelings of panic.

Homeopathic remedy Aconite is a useful remedy when the person feels as if they could have died. It can be used for wounds where blood is bright red.

Calendula can be used as a cream or as a homeopathic remedy taken internally for wounds, and it helps to prevent scar tissue forming. It can be used before and after surgery to help the body to heal. It is useful to alleviate the pain of sunburn.

Homeopathic remedy Natrum sulph is helpful where there are head injuries, particularly if the injury results in blindness, headaches and fits.

Homeopathic remedy Catharis is useful for burns and scalds, sunburn and urine infection. It can be helpful when there is a sudden loss of consciousness with a red face.

Homeopathic remedy Nux vom is for vomiting, seasickness and can promote detox when poisons have been consumed. For sickness and diarhoea as a result of food poisoning, Arsenicum album can help the symptoms, where there is a fear of death and restlessness.

Homeopathic remedy Bryonia is useful for ankle and knee injuries where the person does not want to move and feels better when pressure is applied to the painful part. Joints may be red hot and painful and there may be pins and needles in the feet.

Apis mel is an effective homeopathic remedy for earache, insect bites and allergic reactions.

Homeopathic remedy Veratrum album is very effective for complaints where there are cold sweats

Homeopathic remedy Belladonna can alleviate symptoms of sunstroke

Homeopathic remedy Carbo veg is effective for treating the effects of carbon monoxide and gas poisoning.



Pregnancy, Childbirth and Breastfeeding

Pregnancy and childbirth are such amazing experiences, women should be able to enjoy every aspect of the journey.

Spiritual Midwifery by Ina May Gaskin is an amazing book with a lot of useful information about normal pregnancy and normal birth.

NICE says that for low-risk women, whether having their first or subsequent baby, birth is generally very safe for both mother and baby, and they should be free to choose any of the four birth settings and be supported in their choice.

Sheila Kitzinger has all of her 5 children at home. She wrote many books on childbirth and pregnancy and she devised the birth plan.

Homeopathy can be used safely during pregnancy for normal problems such as nausea and morning sickness, heartburn and problems with sleeping. Problems establishing labour can be alleviated with homeopathic remedies. The usual trauma remedies such as homeopathic remedy Arnica and homeopathic remedy Bellis can help with bruising and soreness after the birth. Homeopathic remedies can help with symptoms of constipation and help to prevent infection.

If women want to avoid vaccinations, there are remedies that can provide long-lasting and effective protection from disease. There is research to show that homeopathic remedies are effective in disease prevention.

For breastfeeding, there are remedies that can help to increase milk supply. Homeopathic remedies Phytolacca and Conium can help with engorged breasts and symptoms of infection in the breast.

Growing Older with Homeopathy

To help regulate blood pressure and alleviate symptoms from heart disorders, Crataegus oxyacantha tincture or as a homeopathic remedy can be useful. As a herbal tincture, Crataegus acts as a heart tonic, and can be useful when recovering from a heart attack. Homeopathic remedy Crataegus can act as a catalyst to help the body regulate blood pressure. It can be useful for symptoms of  deposits in the arteries. It can act as a tonic for a weak heart.

Homeopathic remedy Hamamelis virginiana is a useful remedy for the veins, where they are painful, swollen and inflamed.

For weakness of memory, homeopathic remedies Baryta carb and Anacardium can help. Homeopathic remedy Avena sativa can help the brain and nervous system to function more effectively. Many remedies can help with grief, irritability, depression and anxiety, but it is best to see a homeopath to find the most suitable remedy.

Aches and pains can be helped by using homeopathic remedies such as Rhus tox where movement improves the symptoms. Homeopathic remedy Ruta grav is more effective where movement makes aches and pains worse. Homeopathic remedy Calc phos  can improve the nutrition of the bones. It can help promote union of bones when damaged. Symphytum has traditionally used for broken bones, and in homeopathic form it can help the body to heal bones, cartilage, ligaments and tendons.

Tissue salts are remedies that are based on the ash remains of human cells. They can act like nutrients for the body and can be taken frequently:

Calc fluor can help teeth, knee joints, discs, hard skin and cataracts

Calc phos can help symptoms in the bones, after radiotherapy. It can help hips after joint replacement. It can help the body to heal wounds.

Kali mur can help ear problems, a tendency for the blood to clot. It may be useful for symptoms after a stroke.

Kali phos can help when there is exhaustion, and nerve problems. It can help with memory and fear of being alone.

Mag phos has an affinity with the myelin sheath and trigeminal nerves.

Nat phos is useful for symptoms of constipation, irritable bowel and food allergies.

Homeopathy for children

Homeopathy was developed because Hahnemann, its inventor, wanted to treat his children when they were ill.  He practiced as a physician at a time when Mercury, Arsenic and blood-letting were commonly used. He tried diluting remedies to make them safer and found that their medicinal properties increased, while the harmful side-effects were reduced.

Homeopathic remedy Aconite can be useful when a fever comes on suddenly, and there is profuse sweat and great thirst.  They have a red face when lying down and it becomes pale when they get up.

Homeopathic remedy Belladonna is for a chilly patient, with the first stages of inflammation. Illness comes on suddenly, and the patient is red, parts are throbbing and swollen. The remedy can help with sore throats. They are sensitive to light and  noise. The child is sleepy but cannot sleep.

Homeopathic remedy Chamomilla is the first remedy to think of when a child is teething. It can also help with symptoms of colic. The child is oversensitive to pain, and is better if carried. They want something, but when they get it they don’t want it.

For sickness and diarrhoea, useful remedies include Nux vom, Ipecac; and homeopathic remedy Arsenicum for food poisoning.

For bedwetting in children who have previously been dry, useful remedies include Equisetum and Plantago. Homeopathic remedy Belladonna may be useful when the child wets the bed early in the night.

For earache that comes on suddenly, and the child screams, homeopathic remedy Apis can be effective in relieving symptoms

For infectious childhood diseases, homeopathic remedy Rhus tox can relieve itchy skin; homeopathic remedies Aconite and Belladonna can relieve symptoms of fever. If spots are slow to appear, homeopathic Bryonia may help, and if spots are slow to clear, homeopathic remedy Sulphur may help. Homeopathic remedy Phytolacca is a useful remedy for swollen glands.

For shock and trauma from a difficult birth, homeopathic remedies Aconite, Opium and Arnica can help with the symptoms. Homeopathic remedy  Arnica has been shown to be good for cuts and bruises and general trauma. Homeopathic remedy Bellis is another remedy that can be useful for trauma for deeper tissue injuries. Homeopathic remedy Ledum can help bring splinters out of the skin. It is good for alleviating pain from vaccination. Homeopathic remedy Rhus tox is good for symptoms of pain in joints and muscles, made better by movement. Homeopathic remedy Ruta grav can improve symptoms of pain in joints when they are made worse by movement.

The remedy Belladonna can help stop children from biting.

Cina homeopathic remedy can be useful in preventing worms in animals and children.

Hahnemann found that homeopathic remedies could prevent infectious diseases, such as Belladonna preventing Scarlet Fever. Trials have been carried out that show homeopathic remedies have reduced cases of Leptospirosis in Cuba: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20674839

Homeopathic remedy Meningococcinum was shown to help to protect against meningitis in Brazil: http://homeopathyplus.com/homeopathic-immunisation-for-meningococcal-disease/

Homeopathic prophylactic was shown to give 95% protection in the first 6 months, and 91% protection for the first year.